Water Authority

The LWA would like to update the residents of Lakengren regarding the progress of the improvements to the wastewater plant. The wastewater plant was constructed by Preble County and put into operation in 1976. The County turned over the operation of the wastewater plant to the LWA in 1998.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) permit to operate the wastewater plant was renewed in January 2016. Along with this renewal came lower nutrient pollution discharge limits, 60% lower Nitrogen, with Phosphates to most likely come with the next permit cycle. 

While the wastewater plant has provided the Lakengren community with reasonably reliable operation over the years, it has not been without its difficulties. The current design of our plant does not allow for efficient removal of nutrients from the wastewater stream during the winter months. This is due to reduced biological activity at colder temperatures. 

In order to meet the requirements of the new discharge permit, the treatment techniques of the wastewater plant will need to be modified. The LWA has retained the engineering services of Mote and Associates to evaluate the wastewater plant operation and how to best meet the requirements of the new discharge permit. 

The compliance schedule issued by the OEPA requires that the LWA submit the design for improvements to meet the new requirements by no later than December 1st of 2017. We are currently on schedule to meet this deadline. 

Lakengren Water Authority and Mote & Associates have been working diligently to secure financing that will allow the LWA to make the needed improvements to the wastewater plant within our current revenue stream, however we cannot rule out the possibility of an increase in the future at this time. 

LWA Wastewater Plant Clarifier Number 1 nears completion.

Re assembly of clarifier number 1 is continuing as the operating head and rake arms are installed in the last remaining clarifier. It has been a long journey to get to this point and we have Chief Wastewater Operator Justin Erbaugh and Systems Operator Derrick Nelson to thank. Their hard work and dedication have played a big role in the success of this project. Thanks again guys for a job well done.  

Improvements to Waste Water Plant