The priority of the Lakengren Water Authority (LWA) has always been, and will continue to be, to provide reliable, economical and environmentally responsible water and sewer service to the people of Lakengren.
The LWA has started 2018 with a solid financial position. Our current operating expenses are within the budget. The LWA’s Emergency Reserve fund is sufficient to cover any short term requirements that may arise, but we continue to build the fund to cover any unforeseen occurrence.
Our water plant continues to produce excellent water.  Our current production wells provide an adequate supply of water for now. However, it does not provide any surplus to accommodate future shortages occasioned by weather changes or increased demand. All Lakengren residents are encouraged to conserve water.
On the wastewater side, the multi-year refurbishing of our four clarifiers has concluded this past year.  All parts have been replaced with stainless steel components to guarantee a long life. Creative staff work with a local fabricator has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars now and will insure continued savings through reduced maintenance and upkeep costs in the future. Thanks to Wastewater Operators Justin Erbaugh and Derrick Nelson, the clarifiers will last for many years.
The Ohio EPA has issued a five year permit to the LWA to operate the wastewater treatment plant, but they have imposed more stringent requirements on our limits of ammonia levels the treatment plant can discharge into waterways. While our discharge limits are considered very low, compliance with the new limits will require major improvements to our treatment facility. Also, along with lowered ammonia levels, we anticipate a new lower discharge limit on phosphorous in the future. Our consultants have advised that we need make changes to our processes to insure that the plant meets the new requirements. To fund the improvement project, we have applied for a no-interest/low-interest 30 year loan through the Ohio EPA. More information will be provided as the project evolves over the next year.
The Ohio EPA is currently reviewing the plans for the proposed improvements to the wastewater plant. Funding should be available in July or August of this year.  This would keep us on schedule to begin construction sometime in November 2018.
Our E-billing software has been installed and is completely operational. The LWA Board of Trustees would like to encourage property owners to take advantage of this time and money saving service. If you need any assistance, please contact the LWA office and someone will be happy to help you.
The LWA is a political subdivision governed by ORC 6119. The LWA Board of Trustees encourages transparent, responsive communication with all Lakengren residents. The LWA Board meets in open session on Friday mornings at 9:00 AM, at the LWA office. Any Lakengren resident with a question or concern may attend a meeting, or contact as LWA representative at  937-456-4455 between 8 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. Important information and announcements are also available on the LWA web site.
As always, the LWA is working to provide the best possible water and wastewater service for the Lakengren community.

LWA Board of Trustees

Dave Thomas, Chairman

Ginger Adams, Secretary

Roger Riga, Treasurer

The State of The

Lakengren Water Authority

February 2018


Water Authority