Water Authority

Wastewater Treatment Plant

3800 Longman Rd.

Main Office
24 Lakengren Drive

The mission of the LWA is to provide you, our customer, with the high quality water and sewer service you desire while keeping the cost at the minimum level required to ensure reliable, timely service today and in the foreseeable future. Your input, participation and support is appreciated.

Our Mission

Water Treatment Plant
5306 Paint Creek Rd.

Our Locations

Lakengren Water Authority is a regional water and sewer district underOhio Revised Code 6119.

We currently serve 1,383 metered customers in and around the community of Lakengren.

In addition to the water and sewer service we provide to  homes, the LWA  maintains grinder pumps, manholes, and water towers located in Lakengren. The LWA also provides water to fire hydrants within the community to help keep families save in a time of need.

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